Skin Lightening Pills Do They Really Work?

Are you serious about whitening your skin?  Don’t waste your money on skin lightening pills until you get all the facts.  Discover truth about skin whitening pills.

Are Skin Lightening Pills Dangerous?

The main ingredient in most skin whitening pills is glutathione which is an amino acid that is naturally produced in every cell of the body.  It’s an natural antioxidant that boosts the immune system, helps detoxify the body, lightens the skin and promotes anti aging.  As the body ages glutathione production decreases.

Some skin whitening pills contain arbutin which is bear berry extract as their active ingredient.  Arbutin combine with bioflavonoids vitamin A & E to restriction the formation of pigmentation in the skin.  These ingredients are also very safe and effective.

Check the label carefully before purchasing any skin whitening pills.  You’ll want to avoid any products that contain hydroquinone as it is known to cause cancer.  Mercury is an ingredient that is harmful to the body even in low doses.

Do Skin Lightening Pills Work?

Skin lightening pills that contain glutathione combined with vitamin C can be very effective at lightening skin.  Vitamin C is essential as it allows the glutathione to remain in a usable form in the body.  Glutathione alone will oxidize quickly in the body and will not be as effective as a skin whitener.  Vitamin C prevents oxidization allowing glutathione to to reduce melanin production resulting in lighter the skin.

Results can very depending on your metabolism and skin color.  Noticeable changes typically take two months or more.  You’ll want to ensure you purchase skin lightening treatments from a reputable company as there are companies that have been known to sell fake glutathione skin whitening pills.

Are Skin Lightening Pills As Effective As Skin Whitening Lotions & Creams?

Since pills have to be digested before they are absorbed by the body before they can be delivered to the cell.  Results can take longer and depend on the body’s absorption rate and the quality of the product.  Some of the ingredients will be lost in the digestion process and excreted from the body as waste.

Skin lightening soap and lotion, that are applied directly to the skin typically are absorbed into the body quicker and as a result higher concentrations of the active ingredient reach the skin cells quicker than skin lightening pills which are taken orally.

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